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Wyoming Legal Resources

Overview of the Wyoming Court System

Wyoming residents face a vast array of legal issues on a daily basis. Those who need to navigate the state's legal system should be aware that there are four different types of courts that can hear cases in the state.

At the bottom level of the judicial structure are municipal courts. These courts typically hear traffic and ordinance violations that occur within their jurisdictions, and judges may impose penalties of up to $750 and six months in jail.

At the next level are the circuit courts, which handle civil cases where the damages sought do not exceed $50,000. These courts also have jurisdiction over all criminal misdemeanor cases, as well as ordinance violations if a municipal court requests it.

The district courts, the third level of the structure, handle felony criminal cases, serious traffic cases, and major civil cases.

The top level of the system is the Supreme Court, which has ultimate jurisdiction over all legal matters in the state. This court is responsible for making decisions on all appeals that come up from the district courts.

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