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Workers' Compensation Law

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My Employer Has Denied My Claim, What Do I Do?

If the employer or the insurance carrier denies liability or refuses to pay the required benefits, the employee must file a WC­5 form Employee`s Claim for Workers` Compensation Benefits. with the Disability Compensation Division of Department of Labor who will render a decision in regards to the claim.

Once the Department of Labor receives your completed claim form they will hold it until the proper forms from your employer and doctor are received. They will then schedule a hearing before a department hearings officer.

Any party disagreeing with the decision of the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, may file an appeal within twenty days with the Labor & Industrial Relations Appeals Board.

For more information regarding the filing of a workers` compensation claim or for general information, you can contact one of the offices listed below:

State of Hawaii Disability Compensation Division:

  • On Oahu call (808) 586­-9174

State Dept. of Labor District Offices:

  • On Maui call (808) 243­-5322
  • In Hilo call (808) 974­-6464
  • For West Hawaii call (808) 322-­4808
  • On Kauai call (808) 274­-3351
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