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My lawyer didn't finish handling my legal matter. What can I do?

 You have a number of different remedies for resolving your legal matter; which remedy you choose is dependent upon what you are seeking to accomplish. First, you can try and speak with your lawyer to see if he or she is willing to finish the unresolved matter. If that fails, however, or if you are interested in hiring a new lawyer to represent you in your legal matter, you should request¸ preferably in writing, that your lawyer provide you with a complete copy of your case file, and that he or she withdrawn his formal appearance on your behalf by notifying the court and/or the other party’s lawyer as needed. Next, avoid representing yourself in regard to your legal matter, or trying to negotiate with the other party’s lawyer; you may end up doing much more harm than good. Finally, if you are dissatisfied with your lawyer’s performance, or feel that he or she did something wrong in your case, then you can file a complaint against the lawyer, usually through your state’s bar association.
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