My Lease Will Expire In Two Months. I Want To Stay In The Same Apartment. What Should I Do?

First, you need to read your lease paying special attention to paragraphs which discuss renewal, extension or expiration of the tenancy. If your lease does not answer your question, contact your landlord and discuss the matter with him or her. If you and the landlord cannot reach an agreement on a new lease, you should plan on moving when your lease ends. At the end of a lease term a landlord can choose not to renew the existing lease or can offer the tenant a new lease with different terms, including an increase in rent. Georgia law does not limit the amount of rent a landlord can charge or the amount by which rent can be increased. If you remain in your unit after your lease expires, the landlord can require that you immediately sign a new lease with new terms or vacate. It is best to negotiate your new lease before your old lease expires.

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