Landlord/Tenant Law

Is My Landlord Allowed To Enter The Apartment Without Notifying Me First?

A lease gives the tenant a right to the exclusive use of the lease premises. Unless the lease otherwise allows, the landlord can only enter the property, if such entry is necessary to cure a dangerous condition, prevent destruction or respond to a bona fide emergency on the premises. There is no legal requirement that a landlord notify a tenant prior to making entry under the above circumstances. You should check your lease to see if there are any provisions related to the landlord`s right to show the apartment. If the lease does not state that the landlord can enter the apartment, a tenant could legally refuse the landlord access. However, it is best for the landlord and tenant to discuss the matter and reach a mutually acceptable accommodation. Notification requirements and entry provisions should be included in each lease. A reasonable accommodation might be for the landlord to provide advance notice, such as twenty­four (24) hours before entering the apartment.

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