Health Insurance Law

What happens if a complaint is filed against me with the Arizona Medical Board?

The Arizona Medical Board follows a four step process when a complaint is filed against a doctor licensed in Arizona. The first stage is called “findings”. In this initial stage the board determines if it has jurisdiction over the complaint. The board has jurisdiction if assuming that the allegations are true the doctor violated the Arizona Medical Practice Act. If the Board determines that it has jurisdiction then it assigns a Lead Investigator to the case. The investigator contacts the complainant and the physician and investigates the case. If no violation of the Medical Practice Act is found then the case is dismissed. If, however, a violation is found to have occurred then the case proceeds to the second stage of review which is called “recommendation”. In the recommendation stage, the Investigational Review Committee recommends whether the doctor should be disciplined. The third stage is the “processing stage”. If it is the recommendation of the Investigational Review Committee to discipline the doctor, the Executive Director will decide whether the case should go to an Administrative Hearing or be heard by the Board. The fourth and final stage is the “adjudication” stage where the Board hears from the doctor and makes a final decision about whether the case should be dismissed or whether the doctor should be sanctioned.

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