Drug Violations Law

How a Drug Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

After a drug crime arrest, the criminal court process can seem overwhelming. You may have to deal with being booked and fingerprinted at the jail, high bail amounts, jail time, and an arraignment hearing before a judge. Before your court date, you and your family may be on the search for a private criminal defense lawyer and wonder how they can help.

Finding a lawyer that is experienced in drug crime cases can go a long way in helping. The right attorney will advise you on your constitutional rights and legal options after an arrest. You may find out that you have a stronger case than you realize. Drug crime laws are different in every state, and a local criminal defense lawyer will be able to give you the most accurate legal advice about your case.

Why Should I Hire a Drug Criminal Defense Attorney?

Drug-related offenses are some of the most common criminal charges, including first-time offenders. Types of drug crimes include:

Even minor drug possession cases can cost you a lot of time, money, and lost opportunities. You can lose your driver’s license, have to pay court fees and fines and may even lose your job. A drug crime defense lawyer can help minimize the costly consequences of a drug arrest, including a criminal record, prison time, and years of probation.

Criminal defense attorneys are not just for representing you in court. Your attorney also advocates for you in the criminal justice system, explaining your rights, investigating your case, and negotiating to get you the best possible outcome. The following are some ways a criminal law defense lawyer can help after an arrest for drug offenses.

Investigate Your Drug Charge Case

Without a lawyer, the case that gets represented to the court is the evidence from the law enforcement investigation and arrest report. However, the police officer’s version of what happened may not be the whole story. Your attorney can investigate your case and review evidence gathered by the police, including arrest reports, video camera footage, and possible violations of your rights, including illegal searches.

Your lawyer can interview witnesses to find more information that may not be included in the police report. With all the additional information and evidence, your lawyer can identify your case’s strengths and the prosecution’s weaknesses. In some cases, your attorney can get the charges dropped before it ever goes to court.

Deal With the Prosecutor

The district attorney or prosecutor works for the government and will try to convict you of the criminal charges. Prosecutors may try and convince you that you don’t have a case and should just accept pleading guilty to get a lighter sentence. With legal representation on your side, your lawyer can deal with the prosecutor, so you don’t have to.

The legal process is confusing for first-time defendants accused of possession of illegal drugs. There are many parts of a criminal case, from the arrest to the arraignment to the trial. An attorney can guide you through the criminal process and inform you of your legal options. Your attorney can answer all your questions and provide on-the-spot legal advice based on years of experience.

Negotiating a Plea Agreement

A plea bargain is an agreement between the defendant and the prosecutor to plead guilty to certain charges in exchange for an agreed-upon penalty. Most criminal cases end in a plea agreement to save time and money and to get a predictable outcome. Your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to get you the best possible outcome.

Plea negotiations can be used to plead down a felony charge to a misdemeanor or plead guilty in exchange for not serving a prison sentence. In some cases, your attorney may be able to negotiate a drug diversion program to avoid a criminal conviction after completing a chemical or mental health treatment program.

Take You Through the Jury Trial

If you have a strong defense, you may want to take your drug case to trial. A criminal trial can be complicated. Your attorney can provide a strong legal defense at trial by filing pretrial motions to prohibit prejudicial evidence, select the right jury, and establish a strong legal defense in court. With a strong case, the jury can find you not guilty.

Where Can I Find a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer?

Searching online for a drug criminal defense lawyer can be difficult. There are too many options to know where to start. Contact your local bar association for a referral or ask friends and family. You can also use legal reference websites to find a lawyer in your location with experience in a specific practice area, like a drug crime lawyer. Contact a drug crime defense attorney in your area to find out how they can offer a strong defense.

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