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Meg Mitchell is a former Chief Public Defender, working at the Third Judicial District in Southern MN for the past 6 years, and serving as public defender for 18 years. She also had her own criminal defense practice, Eaton and Mitchell, LLP in Owatonna, Minnesota. There, she specialized in trial work in the areas of criminal defense, juvenile defense law, child-protection, and family law. She is currently an Acquisitions Editor for Carolina Academic Press, helping law professors publish their academic research and work. 

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Is Illegally Keeping Wildlife a Federal Crime?

You may have seen exotic wild animal stories like the show “Tiger King,” where people keep or breed exotic wild animals. How are people able to keep wild animals given the illegal wildlife trade? Some states allow ownership of wild animals even when the federal government restricts the interstate trading… Read More

What Are the Penalties for Killing an Endangered Species?

If you are out hunting ducks, deer, or wild hogs, one wrong shot could mean that you hit something other than your intended target. Killing a species that turns out to be an endangered species could mean serious federal criminal charges. If you are accused of killing an endangered species,… Read More

What Is Considered Torture?

When you hear the term torture, you think about terrible acts of mayhem, beatings, and infliction of severe pain. Torture can be a crime under state law, but under federal law, torture has a very specific definition. Under federal law, the definition of torture is an act committed by a… Read More

Can I Be Arrested for Blackmail?

You’ve probably heard about corrupt blackmail schemes involving public officials or online scammers. If you threaten to share certain harmful, sensitive information about a third party in exchange for money or other valuables, you can be arrested under both federal law and state law, for the crime of blackmail. Before… Read More

Is Picketing a Federal Crime?

In 2022, as the U.S. Supreme Court was considering a landmark challenge to abortion rights, more than 100 pro-choice protestors peacefully picketed outside the homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Even though the protesters assembled peacefully outside of the justices’ homes, their intent of influencing the… Read More

Is There Parole in Federal Prison?

Anyone serving time in a federal or state prison is looking forward to their release date. Many prisoners are also eligible for parole, which will allow them to get out before the end of their sentence. But there are conditions that come with early release, and violating the terms of… Read More

How Are Federal Criminal Charges Different From State Charges?

Some crimes fall under state law, and others are violations of federal law. Criminal cases are different when handled by state courts versus federal courts. If you are facing state or federal criminal charges, it is important to understand the differences. Talk to a federal criminal defense attorney if you’ve been… Read More

Potential Consequences of Federal Charges

If you violate state laws, you may face state criminal charges prosecuted by the local district attorney in state courts. However, if your charges violate federal laws, you can face federal charges by federal prosecutors (U.S. attorneys) in federal court. The consequences of a federal crime can be more serious… Read More

The Stages of a Federal Trial

A federal criminal trial can be more complex than a trial in a state court. Federal offenses generally come with severe penalties for a conviction, including prison time in a federal penitentiary. If you are facing an arrest warrant for a federal crime, you should take the charges seriously. An … Read More

Can I Be Arrested for Pointing a Laser at an Airplane?

Handheld laser pointers can be used for a wide variety of reasons, from work presentations to entertaining cats. However, these lasers can be dangerous when directed into someone’s eyes. This is definitely the case when it comes to pointing a laser light at a commercial airliner. A laser beam is… Read More

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