Who Do You Call When You Want To:

  • Report possible consumer fraud?

    Arizona Attorney General’s Consumer Complaints Division
    Phoenix (602)542­5763
    Tucson (520)628­6504
    outside of the Phoenix Metro Area (800)352­8431
    Elder Affairs Program 602­542­2124

  • Report suspected abuse, neglect or financial exploitation?

    Adult Protective Services (877) 767­2385 or TDD/TTY 877­815­8390

  • Report a suspicious or fraudulent telemarketer?

    Arizona Telemarketing Task Force (602) 650­3333 or (800)279­8300

  • Ask a simple legal question regarding consumer problems, landlord & tenant issues; bankruptcy; debt collection; probate law such as guardianships, wills & trusts?

    The Elder Law Hotline (800) 231­5441

  • Get information or complain about an attorney?

    State Bar of Arizona (602) 542­4804

  • Suspect race, disability, national origin, sex, color, religion, age, or familial status discrimination?

    Civil Rights Div. Attorney General’s Office (602)542­5263 or (877) 491­5742

  • Obtain information about an insurance company or agent?

    Department of Insurance (602)912­8444 or (800)325­2548

  • Check on or submit a complaint about a contractor, construction work, air­conditioning and heat, landscaping or other home service?

    Registrar of Contractors (602) 542­1525

  • Seek information or complain against an adult care home or health care facility?

    Department of Health Service (602)­674­9705

  • Obtain information or complaint record about a specific business?

    Better Business Bureau (602)264­1721 or (877)­291­6222

  • Obtain information on charities or telemarketers?

    Secretary of State (602)542­6670

  • Check on or complain about a bank or collection agency?

    Department of State Banking (602)255­4421 or (800)544­0708 (in AZ only)

  • Report the inaccurate sale of commodities by weight, measure or count?

    Arizona Department of Weights & Measure
    4425 W. Olive Ave Suite 134
    Glendale, AZ 85302
    Within Maricopa county call (602) 255­5211
    Outside Maricopa county call (800) 277­6675
    Fax: (602) 255­1950

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