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Child Support Law

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I Just Lost My Job And Can't Afford To Pay The Support I'm Ordered To. What Can I Do?

You remain financially responsible for your child or children. It is expected you will soon return to gainful employment. An order for support is a legal obligation and failure to comply with such an order can have negative consequences for you. In the interim, you should pay as much toward your child support obligation as possible. For your Virginia DCSE case, mail your check or money order to the Treasurer of Virginia, P. O. Box 570, Richmond, VA 23218­0570. Be sure to include your social security number on any payments. Notify your employer of your child support obligation and notify your district office as soon as you obtain new employment and continue to make support payments until an income withholding is in place. If you anticipate a significant period of unemployment, you may wish to submit a written request that DCSE conduct a review of your obligation amount or petition the appropriate court for a review and possible modification of the order. A review may result in an increase, decrease, or no change to your order.

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