Can a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Help Me Keep My Assets?

One of the main concerns individuals have regarding their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing is whether they will be able to keep any of their assets upon the conclusion of their case. Your assets can be anything from your home to your car. 

When individuals fail to make payments such as credit card or mortgage payments, they are at risk of having their property repossessed by creditors. When individuals are in “default” on loans they are usually called frequently by bill collectors who demand payment. With a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney’s help, bill collectors can be prevented from calling the client, and in most cases home foreclosures can be halted and even prevented. 

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How will a lawyer help with my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A skilled Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you:

  • Determine whether a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is right for your specific financial situation;
  • Understand the pros and cons of filing a Chapter 13 case;
  • Organize your Chapter 13 repayment plan;
  • Determine income sources and liabilities;
  • Successfully file and achieve your goals under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Do I need an attorney to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

While an attorney is not required to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, it is strongly encouraged that you retain a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the process. A lawyer will be there to help answer questions such as whether or not you qualify for Chapter 13 and exactly what your financial obligations will be after your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has concluded.

Finally, filing bankruptcy is a complex process. One wrong move can affect your chances of successfully achieving your financial goals.

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