Lemon Law

What Is The Lemon Law?

Arizona`s Motor Vehicle Warranties Law is also referred to as a Lemon Law. The law applies only to new motor vehicles. A.R.S. §44­1262. If a new motor vehicle does not conform to express warranties, the consumer can report the nonconformity within one year following the date of original delivery to the consumer or during the term of the express warranty, whichever is earlier, to the manufacturer or authorized dealer and have the motor vehicle repaired. A.R.S. §44­1262. If manufacturer or motor vehicle cannot be made to conform to the express warranty after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer must replace the motor vehicle or refund the consumer the full purchase price less a reasonable allowance for the consumer`s use of the motor vehicle. A.R.S. §44­1263. A reasonable number of attempts is defined as if the same nonconformity has been repaired by the authorized dealer or manufacturer more than four times during the allotted time frame but continues to exists or the motor vehicle is out of service for a cumulative total of thirty or more calendar days during the allotted time. A.R.S. §44­1264.

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