Motor Vehicle Accidents Law

Paperwork You Should See After a Car Accident?

However serious they might be, car accidents are always stressful and require you to immediately think about a number of important things. Even after details have been exchanged, the police have been called, and your car has been towed away, there are still things to be done. You will need to contact your insurance company and might want to speak with an attorney about making an insurance claim. As you prepare to do this, you will need to be sure you have all the necessary documents to fully support your claim.

Insurance Information

It is very important to gather together your insurance policy documents and evidence demonstrating that you have paid all necessary premiums on the policy. If you are being supported by an attorney, they will be able to see what coverage you have and what you could be liable for.

Notes from the scene

At the scene of the accident, it is extremely important to get the contact details, license plate and driver’s license information, and insurance details of the other driver. In addition, you should collect notes from the scene on all aspects of the accident. This should include:

  • Accident basics, such as the date, time and location
  • Traffic and weather conditions
  • Notes on injuries and property damage
  • Any comments made by the other party
  • Name and badge numbers of any police attending the scene
  • Your own version of what happened


You may have thought quickly and taken some photographs at the accident scene. If you have images showing important aspects such as the damage to the vehicles, road and weather conditions, and the positioning of each car, you should certainly provide these to your attorney or insurance company. They could be used to support your claim of what happened, and to demonstrate the extent of damages which are subsequently disputed.

Police report

If the police attended the scene of the accident, or if you later reported the incident at a police station, there will be a police report containing important details of the accident. This can be very useful during a claim, especially as it will include a police officer’s description of the accident scene at the time of the crash. You can ask for a copy of the police report, or your attorney may be able to request it on your behalf.

If the car accident involved you receiving a ticket for a traffic violation, this will also be important to have at hand.

Records of expenses and treatment

After an accident, you might require treatment for an injury. It is crucial that you keep a record of all medical expenses, as well as documentation and medical records related to your injuries.

You might also be forced to miss work and lose wages because of your injury. As a result, it is important to collect wage slips and other evidence of your employment so that any lost wages can be accurately calculated as part of the claim.