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Adoption Law

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Do Prospective Adopters Need An Attorney?

As adoption is a legal action, and the results are a life­long commitment, prospective adopters are encouraged, and often court ordered, to work closely with an adoption attorney.  An adoption attorney is experienced in adoption laws and rules, and will not only facilitate a more efficient adoption, but will work to safeguard prospective parents from any loopholes or contingencies that could prevent the adoption from being finalized.   If you are considering becoming an adoptive parent, contact a qualified attorney who can inform you of your legal rights, and work with you to understand the adoption process, financial responsibilities, and the options available to you.

LawInfo offers a directory of Lead Counsel Members, qualified attorneys, who handle legal problems like yours every day.  All Lead Counsel Adoption Attorneys are screened by LawInfo to uphold the following criteria:

  1. Ample Experience. The average Lead Counsel certified attorney has been practicing law for 21.6 years. Every Lead Counsel attorney is well established, and has been practicing in their specialty for at least five years.
  2. Good Standing. LawInfo verifies that every Lead Counsel certified attorney is in good standing with their state bar association. You can feel confident knowing that the Lead Counsel attorney you choose has a clean record, and that they’ve never had any disciplinary actions taken against them.
  3. Well Respected. Lead Counsel certified attorneys are well­respected in their community and among their peers, and all have been recommended for inclusion into the program by multiple attorneys in their practice area. LawInfo obtains a minimum of three peer references to verify the Lead Counsel attorney candidate’s reputation.