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How Trusts Protect Your Adult Children

A parent’s roles and responsibilities may change when their children become adults, but that does not mean the desire to care for their kids goes away. This is one of the reasons why parents must arrange for their passing through a solid estate plan. Not only does it protect family… Read More


The conversational meaning of the word “stalking” has changed in recent years. Someone may playfully confess to “stalking” a romantic interest by scrolling through their social media posts. Despite the light-hearted way the term gets thrown around, when it comes to the law, stalking is a serious felony that can… Read More

Hate Crime Charges

Violent crime charges can carry stiff penalties. If the court thinks your crime was motivated by certain kinds of bias or prejudice, you could receive additional charges for committing a hate crime. “Hate crime” is an aggravating factor or penalty enhancer under federal law and the laws of some states. Read More


Harassment is a pattern of certain offensive or intimidating behaviors that a person commits with the goal of making another person feel afraid or uncomfortable. But it can be difficult to recognize and understand; laws often lack definite guidelines for identifying when an individual’s behavior crosses the line from awkward… Read More

How to File for Divorce in North Carolina

The decision to dissolve a marriage can be a difficult one, with many logistical and emotional factors to consider. When you start planning to divorce, it’s important to understand the process, your rights, the costs, and what kind of outcomes you should expect. You may have specific goals in mind… Read More

How to File for Divorce in Wisconsin

Divorces are emotionally, logistically, financially, and legally complex. There can be many specific concerns to address, like splitting shared assets, determining custody agreements, and arguing over spousal and child support payments. Finalizing these arrangements requires detailed paperwork, some type of negotiation or mediation hearing, or maybe even a trial. Additionally,… Read More

If I Find A Stray Dog Can I Keep It As My Own?

For people who love animals, seeing one in need is a heartbreaking sight. So it’s unsurprising that if you find a stray dog, your instinct might be to bring the pup home and take care of it. But what does the law say about keeping stray dogs? What are a… Read More

Can Animal Control Kill My Dog if it Bites Somebody?

Our four-legged friends are family, so it is natural to feel scared when dealing with a dog bite case. Each state handles dog bite laws differently, with many cities having even more specific ordinances on how the local animal control department should handle these incidents. You may be facing legal… Read More

How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania

The decision to end a marriage is often not an easy one, but it may become necessary for a married couple to part ways. If you’re looking to get a divorce, it’s important to understand your rights and options, and how Pennsylvania state divorce laws dictate that process. Going through… Read More

Birth Defects

Having a child with birth defects can change the expectations you had for your growing family. Your child may need special support in school to address developmental delays, or they may need specialized medical care and mobility devices. Some birth defects are temporary or treatable, but others may be permanent. Read More