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Wrongful Death

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No amount of money can ever replace a parent, spouse or child who dies due to the wrongful conduct of another. Whether the death was caused by a car accident, negligent medical treatment, a construction injury or a defective product, you should act immediately to determine who is responsible. One difficulty with cases involving wrongful death is proving the misconduct of the party at fault. It is necessary to conduct an investigation into the facts to find witnesses, obtain medical records and gather evidence. The relative ease or difficulty in succeeding with your claim will depend somewhat on the kind of case it is. A construction-related accident will require a different investigation than a medical malpractice case or an auto accident. Also, any delay in investigating the circumstances of the death and identifying the responsible parties can result in the disappearance of critical evidence or witnesses, thereby jeopardizing your claim. Therefore, it is important to immediately seek advice from an attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

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