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Workers Compensation For Mental Health Injuries

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If you suffer from a mental health injury, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome or depression, then you know that a mental health injury can be every bit as debilitating as a physical injury. In many states, you can receive workers’ compensation for mental health injuries incurred on the job. To receive benefits in some states all you need to do is prove that your mental health injury was a result of something that happened to you while you were on the job. So for example, if you suffer from depression because of violence in the workplace, you could receive compensation. Other states will require that you have a physical injury in addition to your mental health injury in order to receive compensation. In these states, you will likely need to have been a victim of the violence in order to receive compensation for your depression. Please contact your state’s workers’ compensation board for more information about whether mental health injuries are compensable in your state

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