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Appealing A Denial Of Veterans Benefits

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If you’ve been denied veterans benefits, or you’re not satisfied with the decision of your VA office, you have the right to an appeal. The two most common reasons people appeal are, (1) the VA denied you benefits for a disability you believe began in service; or (2) your disability is more severe than the VA rated it. If you disagree with a rating decision, you will send a written Notice of Disagreement to your local office within the required timeframe – usually within one year from when they mailed their decision to you. After further review of your case, you may be required to file additional forms, such as a Substantive Appeal form, and you may even be entitled to a hearing. Ultimately, a final decision will be made by the Board of Veterans Appeals. While the appeals process with the VA can be challenging, particularly due to the strict time limits and filing requirements involved, many veterans whose initial claims are denied do end up succeeding in getting their benefits on appeal.

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