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Is All Flirting Or Sexual Conduct In The Workplace Illegal

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Not every little flirtation, office romance or conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace is considered unlawful sexual harassment. Only unwelcome sexual conduct is unlawful, and only when it is explicitly or implicitly made a term or condition of an individual’s employment or creates a pervasive offensive or hostile work atmosphere. It might sound easy, but it’s often difficult to determine whether sexual conduct was truly unwelcome. For instance, even a voluntary sexual relationship or behavior which is tolerated by an employee, can be considered unlawful sexual harassment if it was unwelcome. An example would be where a subordinate employee submits to a sexual relationship with her supervisor simply out of fear of jeopardizing her employment. Finally, it gets even more complicated where once okay office romance goes wrong, and conduct that was once considered welcomed is no longer acceptable. If you’re in a situation where sexual behaviors unwelcomed, it is best to tell the appropriate person in the company or seek legal counsel with any questions.

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