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Top 5 Things To Look For In A Medical Malpractice Attorney

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Looking for an attorney to help you with a medical malpractice case doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start your search by seeking referrals or by looking for attorneys who have received accolades in the medical malpractice field. The next best thing is to make sure the attorney or law firm you are researching has considerable experience with medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice is a highly complex area of law and you do not want an attorney who lacks ample experience. Next, ask your attorney about previous settlements and judgments. Most experienced and competent medical malpractice attorneys will be glad to share their legal successes with you. Next, you’ll want to ask whether your attorney is comfortable taking your case to trial. Some personal injury attorneys will only handle cases outside of court, and this may not be the best option for you. Finally, make sure you fully understand the attorney’s fee schedule before signing any contracts. Medical malpractice attorneys will usually take your case on contingency, meaning they will earn a percentage of whatever you recover in your lawsuit. This percentage may be negotiable and may also increase the longer your case takes to resolve.

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