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What Is The Attorney Client Privilege

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The attorney client privilege is a very important right and a critical piece of being represented by a lawyer. It protects information a client shares confidentially with an attorney, whether during an initial consultation or in the course of representation. The attorney-client privilege is the right of the client, not the lawyer, and can only be waived by the client. This means the lawyer can’t disclose any confidential information on his/her own without the client’s consent. However, there is a caveat. The privilege is meant to cover communications regarding help with a legal matter. It does not cover anything shared with a lawyer in order for a person to commit a crime or perpetrate a fraud. There is an important reason for the attorney-client privilege – without it clients would be hesitant to tell their lawyers information they perceive to be damaging. But without all the information, a lawyer cannot effectively represent the client. That’s why the law protects the frank, full communication between lawyer and clien. Subject to only very limited exceptions, clients and prospective clients can freely share information about their situation with their lawyer, trust it will remain confidential, and the attorney is prohibited from disclosing it.

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