Suing The Government - The Federal Tort Claims Act

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Ordinarily, the government is immune from being sued, However, under the Federal Tort Claims Act, you can sue the government for certain personal injuries. If your injury was caused by an employee of the federal government within the scope of their employment or occurred on government property, then you may be able to sue under the Federal Tort Claims Act. However, these cases are much trickier than regular lawsuits. Not only do you have to prove that your case is eligible to be heard under the Federal Tort Claims Act, but there are even more deadlines than are involved in regular lawsuits. Also, there are many aspects of the Federal Tort Claims Act that limit your ability to even successfully pursue the lawsuit. So if you’ve been injured by the government’s wrongdoing, it is highly recommended you seek the assistance of an attorney in pursuing your claim. The first step is submitting an official claim form to the government agency, which requires fairly significant detail about the accident or injury. Since it’s the start of your case, it should be completed with the utmost care.

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