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Sued In Another State Sister State Judgments

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A lot of people mistakenly believe that they can escape liability for a lawsuit by relocating to another state. However, there’s a legal way to pursue your rights out of state. Typically, creditors are interested in pursuing money judgments against debtors located in other states. The process for enforcing what’s commonly called a sister state judgment differs from state to state, but typically the mechanics are all not that difficult. The winning plaintiff obtains a copy of the judgment in the court where it was litigated. If the judgment creditor can’t get the debtor to voluntarily pay the judgment, then the creditor can pursue the judgment in another state where the debtor owns property. The original court order must be filed in the new state in accordance with their rules. Once the judgment is processed in the new state, then the laws in that state regarding enforcement against the debtor’s property can be pursued. For more information about sister state judgments, contact an attorney in your area today.

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