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Top 5 Things To Look For In A Landlord Tenant Attorney

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Landlord tenant attorneys can help resolve a variety of issues related to this dynamic practice area. Regardless of whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, when looking for a new attorney you’ll want to make sure the attorney you hire has experience in landlord tenant disputes in your area. Not only are local and state laws complex, but they are highly specific to the county and city where the dispute originates. An attorney unfamiliar with your local laws could unknowingly make filing errors that could jeopardize your case. Remember to also look for an attorney who you are compatible with. Personality is important when dealing with stressful legal issues. Also, make sure you and your attorney are on the same page with what type of communication you need and is expected during your case. Finally, make sure you understand how your attorney plans to bill you. Some landlord tenant cases can be handled for a fix priced, but others may require court and your attorney may charge you an hourly rate, which may be negotiable.

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