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H-1B Speciality Occupation Visa

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The H-1B visas allow entry into the U.S. to work in a specialty occupation or the fashion model of distinguished merit and ability on a temporary basis. For the job to qualify as a specialty occupation, the job must meet certain criteria. For instance the job must usually require a minimum of bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. H-1B visa holders are sponsored by the employer that needs the applicant’s special experience or knowledge. The employer must file a labor condition application, pay the prevailing wage for the occupation or the wage the employer pays other workers in the same job, whichever is higher, and attest that they are not taking the job opportunity away from a qualified U.S. worker. The H-1B Visa are normally issued for a period of three years and be renewed once for a maximum continuous period of six years for more information about the H1-B Visa contact an immigration attorney today.

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