How To Become a Licensed Child Care Provider

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Many child care programs need to be licensed by the state in order to legally operate. However, certain childcare arrangements need not be registered. While state laws vary, if you intend to provide child care to the public for multiple children, you may need to seek a state license or permit. As far as the process is concerned, most states require you to attend an orientation, submit an application, and meet all of the minimum qualifications for the particular type of license. Background checks are required for child care operators and personnel. You must also pass a home inspection to make sure that your home or facility meets all the health and safety requirements. And sometimes modifications need to be made to your home, particularly if you have a pool, hot tub or other potentially dangerous condition at your home. Finally, like any other business you may be required to obtain certain permits, set up payroll taxes for any employees you intend to hire, and take care of other general business matters. For more information about becoming a licensed childcare provider, contact attorney in your area today.

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