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Family Law Mediation

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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows individuals the opportunity to avoid court in favor of resolving their issues on their own in front of an impartial mediator. Mediation is often more cost effective when compared with bringing a case to court, and the terms of the settlement can be mutually agreed upon rather than decided by a third party. Family law mediation is a type of mediation that deals with family law related issues, such as divorce, custody, and alimony. Unlike a traditional mediation, many states require family law mediators to have a sophisticated understanding of the law, or be an attorney in order to mediate a family-related issue. Furthermore, the process and grounds for a family law mediation may also be dictated by your state’s laws. This provides the benefit of being able to rely on your mediator to not only provide guidance on legal issues, but to also come up with solutions you may not have imagined. If you’re contemplating a divorce or other family law related action, consider speaking with an experienced family law mediator in your area today.

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