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Making A Workplace Retaliation Claim

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Sometimes employees have concerns about whether their employer is engaging in unlawful or unethical practices, for instance, discriminating against the employee or a worker, promoting only men to management, and not any women, improperly disposing of hazardous materials, or engaging in suspicious accounting methods that would defraud shareholders. If an employee complains to management about these or other concerning practices he/she believes to be illegal or unethical, state and federal laws protect the employee from retaliation by the employer. This means the employer can not fire the employee for the complaint or otherwise take an adverse action against them in retaliation for the complaint. If you believe you’ve been unlawfully retaliated against for blowing the whistle on a company practice or for asserting your rights in the workplace, you may very well have grounds for a lawsuit. Since every situation is different, legal counsel is recommended to evaluate exactly what happened in your situation and the specific retaliation claims which may be available.

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