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Laws Covering Temporary Workers

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Temporary workers, or “temps,” aren’t considered to be employees of the business at which they are placed. Rather, they are typically considered employees or independent contractors of the actual staffing agency who places them. Because temporary workers are not employees of the various businesses who use their services, they’re not entitled to the same legal rights as permanent employees. For example, the businesses which uses a temporary employee isn’t responsible for paying unemployment insurance or workers compensation for them. However, temporary workers are still protected by certain employment laws. For instance, they have the right to be free from discrimination and sexual harassment. They also have the right to receive minimum wage and overtime pay. And, if they’re actually considered to be an “employee” of the staffing agency, not just an independent contractor, then they may have the right to time off with pay or to collect unemployment. Temporary workers are a fast growing segment of the American workforce and the flexibility that comes with being a temporary worker can be an important benefit. However, temporary workers, like all workers should have a good understanding of how labor laws apply so that they can understand their rights in the workplace.

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