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Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

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You want to practice your religion and be a good employee – but sometimes those two things conflict. Your employer may require certain things of you that clash with your religious beliefs or obligations. Federal law and most states’ laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees on the basis of religion. That means that your employer cannot treat you differently because of your religion and that your employer must reasonably accommodate your religious observances. It is important to emphasis that the employer is only required to make reasonable accommodations, so while the employer may allow you to skip company functions due to diet restrictions or to take a day off for a religious holiday – the employer is not required to bring in special food for you or to pay you for that day off. If you have been denied a reasonable religious accommodation, or if you have been discriminated against, then you may make a complaint with the local field office of the EEOC or with the appropriate state agency.

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