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Neurontin Lawsuits

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When we go to the doctor with a problem, the doctor may prescribe medication to treat or cure the problem. But what happens when you are prescribed a medication for a different use than the one it was approved for? Neurontin, manufactured by Pfizer was approved by the FDA to help control seizures associated with epilepsy. However, Pfizer began promoting the drug for 11 different uses not approved by the FDA. Neurontin has many side effects, but by far the most dangerous side effect is suicidal thoughts. Many people have successfully sued Pfizer for promoting Neurontin for uses other than what is was approved. If you were prescribed Neurontin for anything other than an add-on treatment for controlling partial seizures associated with epilepsy or for the management of postherpetic neuralgia caused by shingles and later developed a serious side effect, contact an experienced legal professional today.

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