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Can I Clear My Criminal Record

Full Video Transcript

Under some circumstances you may be able to have your criminal record cleared of prior convictions. This process is known as an expungement. When your criminal record is expunged this means that the conviction will be removed from your record. Eligibility for such a process will depend on the laws in the area you live, how many crimes you were charged with and what those crimes were, the actual disposition of each of the crimes and how much time has gone by since the occurrences of the crimes and/or charges. Many people desire to have their record expunged because having a criminal record can affect you in many ways. You may have trouble finding employment or housing, or you may have trouble receiving public benefits or financial aid for education. Depending on the crime, it can even affect your right to drive or to vote. Consult with an attorney who can help walk you through any other factors that apply to your particular situation.

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