Drug Trafficking Crimes

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Drug trafficking is a serious crime in and of itself. A person can be convicted of drug trafficking if the government can prove that the person imported, sold or transported an illegal drug. Commonly, drug trafficking charges are brought against those who deal in marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine crack, heroin, LSD and other illegal drugs. The penalties for drug trafficking can be significant and vary tremendously depending on the amount of the drug involved, the type of drug involved, the number of people to whom the drug was sold or provided, and whether minors were involved. Often drug trafficking is related to other crimes. The federal government has reported that more than one quarter of convicted murderers and robbers were on drugs at the time they committed the crimes for which they were convicted. Other prisoners convicted of violent crimes claimed to have committed the crimes in order to obtain drug money. Drug trafficking is a serious crime that leads to more serious crimes. The true extent to the connection is unknown, but it is something that the federal government is aware of and is trying to remedy.

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