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If I'm Arrested, When Should I Ask For My Lawyer

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It is important for you to know that if you are arrested or just being questioned by the police, you can request an attorney be present at any time. While it is true that the police have a right to complete their booking procedures before you are allowed to use the telephone, you still have the right to be represented by an attorney at all critical stages of your case. If you choose to say anything without an attorney present, understand that it can and in most cases will be used against you in a court of law. However, if you decide to answer any questions, you may stop at any time, request an attorney be present and all questioning by the police officer must end. You have a right to consult with an attorney before answering any questions and to have your attorney present if you decide to answer any question. Contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

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