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How To Get Out Of Jail If You Are Arrested

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If you are arrested, you will likely be scared and wondering how you can quickly get out of jail. Within a reasonable time of your arrest, you will be taken before a judge who will inform you of your basic rights and whether you can post a bond to get out of jail. The amount of the bond you must post will depend on various factors, including the seriousness of the offense, whether you have a prior criminal record, and how long you’ve lived in the area. Traditionally, bail could only be paid for with cash, however many states now allow the use of a bank card. Bail bond services are generally always open near a jail and can post your bail for a fee. If you are able to get out of jail on a bond then you are required to appear in court at some later scheduled date. If you don’t appear, your bond will be revoked and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. As a Pre-Paid Legal Member, when you have questions, just pick up the phone and call your provider attorney. Since Pre-Paid Legal plan benefits vary from plan to plan, consult your plan contract for specific plan benefits.

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