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Telemarketing Laws

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Many businesses find telemarketing to be an effective way to sell their products or services to customers. However, telemarketers must be careful to comply with applicable laws if they are going to use this form of marketing. In order to prevent complaints from being filed against you, you must comply with all of the laws that protect the privacy of the people you are calling. For example, if someone is on the national Do Not Call Registry, you generally cannot call them unless you have had a business relationship with them in the past 18 months. You also cannot make your calls outside of the times permitted by federal law: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. If a person asks you not to call again, then your company must immediately cease calling them or be subject to fines. Further, federal laws prevent telemarketers from lying or intimidating the potential customers they call. These rules are not only the law but also good business practice. In order to make money from telemarketing promotions, you need the people you are calling to be willing to listen to you. Compliance with these rules may help you find willing listeners and keep you out of trouble with the FTC.

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