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How To Join A Class Action Lawsuit

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First, not all lawsuits are class action suits; a court must certify the suit as a class action but determined there too many plaintiffs to be named individually. Next, a notice is sent out to potential class members. These people are identified through pharmacies, Product Registration Data, car dealerships, etc., depending on the product the cause injury. Class members indicate whether they wish to be part of the class action by returning the notice, but bear in mind the court naming a class action suit does not mean you can no longer file your own lawsuit. In fact, if you’ve been seriously injured, this might be a better choice. Class members in a class action lawsuit do not normally join into litigation, but may simply decide not opt out. Though sometimes suit maybe and opt in class action lawsuit. In those rare cases, a claim form a request to join for may be necessary. The notice of the lawsuit should tell the class if they need to do anything to participate. In a suit for compensatory damages, any class member who does not opt out, may be bound by the results of the litigation if it proceeds as a class action. A class member wants to participate in the suit is a named party, and then he should hire his own lawyer and seek to intervene to participate in the lawsuit.

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