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How Do You File A Class Action Suit

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Class action lawsuits are lawsuits are used to help a group of people who have been similarly harmed to efficiently resolve their complaints. Class actions are allowed both to promote the efficiency of resolving similar claims in one large case as well as to provide easier access to the justice system for individual plaintiffs who might not otherwise be able to afford the lawsuit on their own. It usually starts with a handful of people, sometimes only one person, who come forward with their complaints. These people are often called the lead plaintiffs. Later, as the word gets out, additional group members usually will join. Once the ball gets rolling, the attorney will interview the other group members to gather evidence from everyone involved. If the attorney can show the court that the members of the group suffered common harm and similar circumstances, then the judge may certify the lawsuit as a class action. That’s basically how a class action suit gets started: A few brave individuals take a stand for harm done to them and others like them in similar circumstances.

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