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Reasonable Child Visitation

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Having trouble defining what reasonable visitation is in your situation? Courts often order reasonable visitation in order to allow for flexibility and cooperation among parents, but sometimes the parents just can’t agree or circumstances make it difficult to set up a workable schedule. Many states have developed uniform visitation and parenting time guidelines in order to help parents define reasonable visitation and set up a workable visitation schedule for their child. With these guidelines, parents can often set up a visitation schedule that clearly identifies the times and dates for regular weekly visitation as well as for special visitation times and what happens when changes need to be made. The guidelines can also help when parents can’t agree. For instance, if parents cannot agree on how to divide the child’s holiday break from school, the parents can look to their state’s guidelines to see how it should be divided. If you’re having difficulties with a child visitation schedule, contact an attorney for more information about how you can achieve a more workable plan.

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