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Overview of the North Carolina Court System

Many people go most of their lives without experiencing the court system. Then, when they do encounter a legal issue, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

With four tiers of courts, the North Carolina court system is similar to many across the country. At the bottom tier are the municipal courts and the district courts, which both handle similar issues such as:

  • Traffic infractions
  • Small civil cases
  • Preliminary criminal hearings
  • Domestic relations
  • Juvenile cases
  • Mental health concerns

The second tier of courts is made up of the superior courts, which handle large civil cases, felonies, and serious misdemeanors. These courts also oversee probate and estate matters, as well as appeals from the district and municipal courts.

The next tier is the Court of Appeals, which handles initial appeals from the lower courts. Finally, at the top of the pyramid is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the last stop for cases in the state courts. It also takes care of judiciary discipline, bar admissions, and other administrative matters.

Start Your Legal Journey

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