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Kansas Legal Resources

Overview of the Kansas Court System

Like other states' court systems, the Kansas court system contains multiple levels, with the lower courts trying cases and the higher courts handling appeals and administrative matters.

The lowest tiers of courts are the municipal courts and the district courts. Municipal courts are generally located in the larger cities in Kansas and deal with violations of city ordinances, traffic infractions, and DUI cases. The district courts handle all criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, family, and other matters. In areas where municipal courts are not present, the district courts also handle traffic infractions and DUI offenses.

The second tier of the Kansas court system is known as the Court of Appeals. Parties who disagree with a decision made in a district or municipal court may file an appeal with the Court of Appeals in the hopes of overturning the decision.

The final tier is the Kansas Supreme Court. Any appeals of decisions made by the Court of Appeals go straight to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also hears appeals of death penalty decisions made in the district courts.

Kansas Attorneys and Lawyers

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