Do I need a licensed attorney to help me fill out my immigration forms?

Due to the increase of individuals seeking an immigration benefit and deceived by people pretending to be experts at immigration law there are now protection measures for immigration applicants to prevent the unauthorized practice of law.

Only a licensed attorney who is authorized to practice law will be able to assess your immigration case and give you proper advice. Seeking advice or help on your immigration matter with anyone that is not a licensed attorney may end up hurting your case since they are not qualified to provide advice on immigration law or your immigration options.

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When it comes to immigration and whether you can live and work where you want, every detail matters. When the slightest paperwork error or missed deadline can mean years of delays, it is essential to do things right the first time. An experienced immigration lawyer can address your particular needs with immigration, and put you in the best position for a positive outcome. Take the first step now and contact a local immigration attorney to discuss your rights and specific situation.

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