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Idaho Legal Resources

Overview of the Idaho Court System

The Idaho state court system is made up of four tiers: The Magistrate Division, The District Courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

Courts in the Magistrate Division, the first tier, handle smaller matters—misdemeanors, small claims, and traffic violations, as well as family and probate issues—that don't require jury trials. There is at least one magistrate judge in every county.

The second tier, the District Court, is where all major criminal and civil cases are heard and where most jury trials are held. While the District Courts are the state's chief trial courts, they also hear appeals from the lower courts in the Magistrate Division.

The third tier, the Court of Appeals, is made up of a chief judge and three associate judges and hears appeals from the District Courts.

The fourth, the Supreme Court, is the highest court in the state and decides whether to hear appeals from the lower courts. It also handles administrative business for the entire Idaho court system.

Idaho Attorneys and Lawyers

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