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Religious Discrimination

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, making it illegal to harass or treat a person differently or unfairly in employment because of the person’s religious practices or beliefs. The religion does not have to be orthodox or commonly recognized; any sincerely followed religious belief is encompassed by the law.

Also, observance of holy days and religious holidays and wearing raiment such as a Jewish yarmulke, a Muslim chador, or a Sikh turban must be reasonably accommodated in the workplace. The accommodation can be a shift or schedule change, job reassignment, or flexible work hours, as long as the adjustment does not unduly burden the employer.

Religious Discrimination Attorneys

Religious Discrimination Attorneys are lawyers who represent victims of religious discrimination. Discuss the facts of your case with an attorney experienced in discrimination law. An attorney can explain your right to religious freedom and to be treated without bias against your religion. You can ask any questions you may have with your lawyer and formulate a legal strategy.

Religious Discrimination Legal Claims

If you believe you have been discriminated because of your religion or marriage to someone of a particular religion, you may have a legal cause of action and be entitled to compensation in the form of money damages or other redress, such as workplace accommodation.

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