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Understanding Probate

When an individual dies leaving a will, the legal process that takes place is called probate. Probate refers to how an estate is administered and processed through the legal system.

Probate Lawyers

The probate process can be confusing and overwhelming considering the circumstances. A Pittsburgh probate lawyer will help with the management of the decedent’s estate, any trusts he or she may have as well as any guardianships or conservatorships in question.

Probate cases often become very detailed and a probate lawyer will help ensure the rights of the deceased are fully protected. Attorneys also have the sensitivity to family dynamics and are knowledgeable in common problems with probate cases.

What is probate?

Probate is the process through which assets from a deceased person’s estate are transferred to beneficiaries, such as spouses, children, and other loved ones. In plain terms, reading a person’s will and distributing the items contained in it is part of the probate process. In some states, probate courts also handle matters related to guardianships and conservatorships of children or disabled adults.

What happens if you don’t do probate?

Without an estate plan in place, the probate process will often still go forward, but it can get messier. Someone who dies without a will in place will often have their assets given to any survivors, even if that would have gone against their wishes. Court battles can unfold among relatives who feel like they deserve more.

How long does probate take?

In a simple case where there are no disputes, and the deceased had a strong plan in place, the probate process of distributing assets and paying off debts may only take a few months to complete. If someone challenges the will or any other part of the estate distribution, it can take much longer.

How can you avoid probate?

If you want your beneficiaries to avoid the hassle of probate, you have several options. You can make sure to name beneficiaries of bank accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies. You could also move your assets to a living trust, which will allow you to access them while you are still alive but will automatically pass to your beneficiaries upon your death.

What sort of issues can I seek legal help with?

Specialized legal help is available for most legal issues. Each case is unique; seeking legal help is a smart first step toward understanding your legal situation and seeking the best path toward resolution for your case. An experienced lawyer understands the local laws surrounding your case and what your best legal options might be. More importantly, there are certain situations and circumstances – such as being charged with a crime – where you should always seek experienced legal help.

The Importance of a Good Consultation

The goal of an initial consultation is to find an attorney you are comfortable working with and someone who can help you understand your options under the law. Seek to understand the relevant legal experience the attorney brings to your case. While it is not realistic to expect an attorney to resolve your legal issue during an initial consultation, you should gain a level of comfort with his/her ability to do so. A good consultation can clarify issues, raise pertinent questions and considerations for your case, and help you make an informed decision towards resolving your legal issue.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

In general, how much an attorney costs will often depend on these four factors: billing method and pricing structure, type of legal work performed, law firm prestige, and attorney experience. Depending on the legal issue you are facing, an attorney may bill you by the hour, settle on a flat fee, or enter into a contingency fee agreement. The type of legal work you need help with will also play a role in cost incurred.

Common legal terms explained

Personal jurisdiction – Requirement that a particular court have authority over a person, in order to bind that person to the judgment of the court, based on minimum contacts. International Shoe Co v. Washington is a landmark Supreme Court case outlining the scope of a state court’s reach in personal jurisdiction.

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