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Legal Custody Issues

Issues of child custody are complex and varied. Unless the parents are completely in agreement on custody and visitation matters, custody cases can be difficult as both parents strive to be present and influential in their children’s lives. The court determines which parent will get legal custody by looking at the facts to see what would be in the best interest of the child. Information gathered from the child, the parents, counselors, and mediators is used to assist the court in making a determination.

How a Legal Custody Attorney Can Help

A legal custody attorney can guide you through the maze of laws and regulations that govern custody cases. With a lawyer’s advice you can determine the best kind of custody for your financial situation and way of life.

Whether you want joint custody, sole custody, or physical custody, you will need to know the legal requirements and how to present your best case. You will need to know what your rights are in regards to visitation and child support payments.

Even if both parent agree to custody terms and conditions, it is advisable to have an experienced legal custody attorney help draft a written custody agreement or review such an agreement to ensure it accurately represents your position and complies with state law.

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