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At Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, that’s not just a saying. It’s our founding philosophy and guiding principle. Life happens in a variety of ways. You or a loved one may be injured in an accident and need someone to seek justice or help make it right. Other times, you may be facing prosecution for something you did not do and need someone to stand in your corner to make sure your rights are protected. Other times, you might make a mistake and simply need someone to make sure that you can accept responsibility without the system taking advantage of you. At CGH, we help individuals through all of life’s obstacles.

The three founding partners of CGH knew exactly what they wanted when they created a law firm: to provide the highest quality legal representation with a human touch. They agreed from day one that CGH would never become a stuffy office with plenty of marble but no compassion. Plenty of money, but no empathy. They never wanted to lose sight of what drew them to the practice of law: people. With CGH, you will get the best legal representation available.

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Attorney Tim Galluzzi

Mr. Galluzzi practices law in the areas of personal injury and criminal defense. He litigates cases on behalf of clients injured in car crashes and bicycle accidents, as well as incidents involving damage to a client’s home and property, insurance bad faith, or injury from the intentional acts of others. In criminal law, Mr. Galluzzi has defended clients facing everything from petty offenses to serious felony charges. He has obtained complete dismissal of charges against his clients, not guilty verdicts, and favorable sentences.

Mr. Galluzzi has been recognized in both of his practice areas. He was named to the 2018 Barrister’s Best list by Law Week Colorado as the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer. He was named by Super Lawyers to the 2019 Colorado Rising Stars list, which recognizes no more than 2.5 percent of attorneys in each state, in the area of Civil Litigation – Plaintiff. Mr. Galluzzi is active in the legal community. He serves on the University of Colorado Law School Alumni Board and is a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

Attorney Kevin Cheney

Mr. Cheney was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, where he learned the importance of hard work and looking out for your neighbors. Those values define Mr. Cheney today. Hard work is essential in any profession but nowhere is it more important than the legal profession. Sometimes just having a lawyer that will go that extra mile or spend that extra hour focused on your case is what makes the difference in the final outcome. Hard work, in turn, comes from passion. Mr. Cheney passionately believes that no person should ever have to face the entire might of the government alone. Mr. Cheney passionately believes that every victim deserves their opportunity to seek justice.

Since co-founding CGH, Mr. Cheney continues to devote himself to helping others and the passionate practice of law. He has represented injured victims and helped them navigate the often difficult process of negotiating with the insurance companies. But if those companies refuse to negotiate in good faith, Mr. Cheney has no problem taking them to court. Outside the courtroom, Mr. Cheney is active in the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. That includes sitting on its Legislative Committee where he fights at the Legislature on behalf of consumers.

Attorney Travis Howard

When asked to describe himself Travis Howard chose the words listed above. After spending a few minutes with Mr. Howard you can see why. Mr. Howard brings over a decade of experience working with small businesses across Colorado to Cheney, Galluzzi, & Howard. Even more, he brings something that is often more valuable, passion. Mr. Howard is a Colorado native. After a brief stint in Wyoming, Mr. Howard returned to his roots to attend Colorado State University where he received a degree in business administration.

After graduating college, Mr. Howard worked for a Fortune 500 company, Sun Microsystems. While he enjoyed the experience, after a few years at Sun Mr. Howard decided to attend law school where he could focus on people and not corporate politics. He wanted a career that enabled him to do what he enjoyed most, helping individuals realize their business dreams.

Six Figure Settlement for Car Crash Case in Boulder County

CGH was retained by a client was who injured in a car crash in Boulder County. The client met with several lawyers who told her that they couldn’t get much more compensation for her than the insurance company was already offering. CGH took the case and helped the client get over $100,000 more than the insurance company’s last offer before hiring CGH.

Not Guilty Verdict in Felony Theft Case in Denver

CGH successfully obtained a Not Guilty verdict for its client who was facing Felony Theft charges in Denver. The case was prosecuted by the respected Denver Economic Crime unit but CGH was able to convince the jury its client lacked any criminal intent when the client failed to deliver services he had been contracted for.

Dismissal of Domestic Violence Case in Jefferson County

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of three charges related to an alleged domestic violence incident in Jefferson County. CGH was able to convince the DA that the case was a “set up” by the husband who wanted to frame our client, the wife, for domestic violence so he could get a leg up in the divorce and child custody proceedings.

Not Guilty Verdict on DUI Charge in Douglas County

CGH successfully obtained a Not Guilty verdict for a client charged with DUI in Douglas County. The client had a .07 BAC and CGH was able to convince the jury the the client was not impaired to the slightest degree.

DUI 2nd Offense Changed to a First Offense

CGH represented a client in Jefferson County on a DUI charge who the government originally believed had a prior DUI from a decade ago. CGH successfully argued that the government failed to prove there was a prior conviction and the client was sentenced for a first offense DUI.

Probation Only in Aggravated DUI Case in Boulder County.

CGH obtained the best possible outcome for one of its clients charged with a DUI in Boulder County. The client had a very high BAC, marijuana in her system, and had hit four parked cars but CGH was able to show how much the individual had changed since the incident and the client was given probation only.

Public Entity Changes Its Ways

CGH was retained by a client injured at a public entity after he tripped on a hazard that wasn’t properly marked. The public entity agreed to change its policy and paint the hazard neon so it would be more visible.

Medical Marijuana Allowed on Probation in Boulder County

CGH successfully helped a client in Boulder County use medical marijuana while on probation.

Large Settlement in "Low" Damages Case

CGH was retained by clients for injuries suffered in a car crash with less than $700 in property damage. Eventually, CGH was able to recover over $200,000 for the clients.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges in Boulder District Court

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of felony menacing charges against one of our clients who showed a knife to a would-be attacker to protect himself. CGH then helped the client seal his record.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges in Boulder County Court

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of a charge of possession of a stolen financial device against one of our clients. CGH then helped the client seal her record.

Client Found Not Guilty at Trial in Denver

CGH successfully defended a client who was charged with with assault and domestic violence. The client refused to plead guilty, and the City of Denver would not dismiss the case. CGH took the client’s case to trial and the jury found him not guilty of all charges.

CGH Gets Policy Limits Settlement

CGH represented a couple that was injured when someone slammed into the back of their vehicle at stop light. CGH was able to get policy limits for one of the clients and a substantial settlement for the other.

CGH Wins Protection Order Hearing and Receives Attorney Fees

CGH represented a young woman who was falsely accused by her ex-boyfriend of domestic violence. CGH went to Court, had the ex’s protection order thrown out, had a protection order taken out against him, and our client was awarded attorney fees after the Court ruled the ex’s claims were frivolous.

Client's Very Old Case Dismissed

CGH successfully defended a client who had a pending charge that was over 29 years old. Wanting to atone for his past mistakes the client hired CGH to handle his case. CGH ended up convincing the District Attorney to just dismiss the charge.

Negotiated Policy Limit Settlement

CGH successfully negotiated a settlement for a woman who had been seriously injured in a car accident. Soon after being retained on the case, CGH convinced the insurance company to pay out the policy’s limit.

Client Found Not Guilty at Trial

CGH successfully defended a client who was charged with DUI, DWAI, and Following Too Closely. After not being able to reach a favorable plea deal, CGH took the client’s case to trial and the jury found him not guilty of all charges.

Victory on Unemployment Benefits Appeal

CGH successfully handled an unemployment benefits appeal. CGH’s client was awarded unemployment benefits at the initial hearing but his employer appealed arguing he was an independent contractor. CGH handled the appeal and the initial decision was affirmed by the appeal board.

Negotiated Settlement to Replevin Action

CGH successfully negotiated a favorable settlement in a replevin action. CGH’s client and the opposing party had disagreements about who owned what property following a break up. CGH was able to work with the parties so that both got the property to which they were entitled.

Settlement with Shoe Manufacturer

CGH successfully negotiated with a large shoe manufacturer after CGH’s client suffered burns to his feet after purchasing a new pair of shoes. CGH was able to humanize their client to the company which allowed the company to increase its offer.

Negotiation of Fair Plea for 2nd DUI

CGH successfully negotiated with the District Attorney for a fair plea for a client who was charged with driving under the influence. The plea focused on treatment and education and the client was able to avoid any jail time.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of assault and disturbing the peace charges against one of our clients who had been interrogated by police without the benefit of an interpreter. CGH then helped the the client seal his record.

Policy Limits Settlement

CGH successfully represented two family members who had been injured in a car accident. CGH was able to convince the at-fault driver’s insurance company to settle for the the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

Compensation for Bike Accident

CGH successfully negotiated with the insurance company for a construction company. CGH’s client had been injured while riding her bicycle after she struck a pot hole that had been caused during construction that was occurring on a roadway.

Dismissal of Felony Charges

CGH successfully obtained the dismissal of felony stalking charges against one of our clients. CGH then successfully sealed that client’s record.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of criminal mischief charges against one of our clients who had been falsely identified by an “eyewitness.” CGH then successfully sealed that client’s record.

Homeowner's Insurance Settlement

CGH represented a woman whose homeowner’s insurance company refused to honor its policy when she filed a claim after her property was vandalized. CGH filed suit in the case and the insurance company eventually settled for over 10 times the initial disputed claim.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claim

CGH represented someone who was hit by an RV that had caught on fire. CGH was able to obtain the insurance policy limits against the at-fault driver.

Successful Appeal in DUI

CGH represented a young man who had recently entered a guilty plea for DUI without fully understanding the immigration consequences. CGH attempted to withdraw his plea and the trial court ruled against us. Undeterred, CGH appealed that decision and successfully convinced the District Court to overturn the County Court and allow the client to withdraw his plea.

Minimum Sentence

CGH regularly successfully obtains the minimum sentence allowed by law for clients charged with DUI.

Withdrawal of Restitution

CGH successfully argued that a client was not responsible for any restitution and had the restitution request withdrawn by showing the district attorney that a different person was actually responsible.

Wrongful Eviction

CGH successfully convinced a landlord to not evict his tenant after we pointed out that doing so would be in violation of the tenant’s lease.

Dismissal of Charges against Lawful Immigrant to Avoid Deportation

CGH successfully obtained a deferred prosecution for a client facing immigration consequences if the client received any other outcome. The client can now say she was never even charged with a crime.

Storage Facility Negligence

CGH successfully represented a client whose car was damaged after a garage gate malfunctioned in a parking lot near her work. CGH convinced the garage owner to pay the full price of her repairs and for the time she missed from work.

Prison Sentence Shortened

CGH successfully convinced the parole board to limit one of our client’s time in prison to under a year when he was facing a revocation that could have sent him back to prison for 3-5 years.

Dismissal of Lawsuit and Award of Attorney Fees

CGH successfully defended a young woman who was being sued by a former lover for defamation. Not only was the case dismissed, but the young woman was awarded all of her attorney fees.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Prior to joining CGH, Mr. Galluzzi successfully assisted on a trial team that obtained a $490 million verdict against a group of trustee banks that helped facilitate a Ponzi scheme.

“Fighting Words” Statute Declared Unconstitutional

Prior to joining CGH, Mr. Cheney successfully argued that the City of Boulder’s “Use of Fighting Words” statute was unconstitutionally overbroad. The City appealed and Mr. Cheney prevailed on appeal. The City then changed the law.

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