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Joint Custody

Joint custody generally refers to an arrangement in which both parents have equal physical and/or legal custody. This means that both parents will have an equal say in decisions involving the child’s education, health, religion, and all other related matters. It is important that your role in your child’s upbringing is carefully spelled out in the custody orders. An experienced joint custody attorney can help you achieve this.

Why Do I Need a Joint Custody Attorney?

A joint custody attorney will have the experience needed with issues relating to custody and can ensure that your interest as well as your childs’ is protected. Even though a joint custody arrangement has each parent sharing the responsibility of raising the child, it is the court that determines the details of this arrangement. Their ruling is based on the evidence you provide and an experienced family law attorney can make sure the court is aware of all the information needed to get the best outcome for you and your child. Your attorney will prepare you for your hearing so you can put your best foot forward.

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