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What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance is a type of policy that insures your income. Your ability to earn money is probably by far the most important asset you have, and if you lose it, you want to make sure you can still support yourself and your family. Disability insurance makes that possible.

Types of Disability Insurance

If you work for an employer, the state requires that you be provided with workers’ compensation, which is a type of disability insurance. In most cases, workers’ comp replaces about two-thirds of your income if you are rendered unable to work due to injury or illness on the job.

You may also be able to buy disability insurance coverage through your employer. This type of coverage may be partially paid for by the employer or may simply be easier to obtain than individual coverage. This type of coverage should protect you even if your disabling illness or injury does not occur on the job.

You may also wish to buy your own disability insurance. Individual disability insurance gives you more control over how you are protected, but can be expensive.

Disability Insurance Attorneys

Before you sign up for disability insurance it is important to speak with a disability insurance attorney to make sure you are getting the future coverage that you will need. Also, if you think you have a disability insurance claim that is being unfairly denied, disability insurance attorney can help.

If you think you have a disability insurance claim that is being denied, it is important that you contact a disability insurance attorney. Attorneys who are experienced with disability insurance law can help you in your efforts to get the benefits you are entitled to.

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