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Criminal Appeals

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, in most cases you have the right to appeal your conviction in court. An Olympia Heights criminal appeals attorney may be able to get your conviction overturned if there is sufficient evidence to merit this outcome.

Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Typically, criminal defense lawyers or law firms handle criminal appeals, with some firms even specializing in this important area of law. After contacting a criminal appeals lawyer, they can review your first court case to better determine whether an event occurred that would make your conviction unjust and allow you to begin the appeal process. It’s important to note that an appeal is not a new case. Instead, it is a review of the first case to make sure that any errors or injustices made in the original trial are rectified and further protect your rights.

What Are Grounds to Appeal A Criminal Conviction?

In order to appeal a criminal conviction, there must be the grounds or a reason why your conviction should be appealed. Criminal appeals attorneys generally look for any procedural or legal mistakes that were made in the first case that resulted in your conviction. For example, your attorney may review the instructions the jury received from the judge, or how evidence was introduced to the jury. Mistakes during this period have the power to potentially render a jury verdict void. This may result in your conviction being overturned or receiving a new, fair trial.

How Can An Attorney Help Me With An Appeal?

An Olympia Heights criminal appeal attorney can work with you to help resolve your specific legal issue faster and better than trying to do it on your own. These lawyers have experience with the Florida criminal justice system and understand common issues when dealing with criminal appeals. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, while avoiding costly mistakes or procedural errors. You should seek out an attorney whose practice focuses on the area of law most relevant to your issue.

Are Criminal Appeals Attorneys Affordable?

Hiring an experienced criminal appeals lawyer may be more affordable than you think. Most criminal appeals and criminal defense law firms offer a free consultation to get better acquainted with you and learn more about your case. After your initial consultation, the lawyer will have a better understanding of the work that needs to be done on your case, the amount of time it may take, and any fees associated with your case. Then, the lawyer will be able to discuss their legal fees with you. A number of attorneys offer payment plans and want to work with their clients to find an affordable option. Ultimately, the amount of money you feel comfortable spending on your appeal is up to you but remember obtaining an appeal of your criminal conviction may be important to your freedom.

The Importance of a Good Consultation

The goal of an initial consultation is to find an attorney you are comfortable working with and someone who can help you understand your options under the law. Seek to understand the relevant legal experience the attorney brings to your case. While it is not realistic to expect an attorney to resolve your legal issue during an initial consultation, you should gain a level of comfort with his/her ability to do so. A good consultation can clarify issues, raise pertinent questions and considerations for your case, and help you make an informed decision towards resolving your legal issue. This is also a good opportunity to discuss the timeline of your appeals process and inquire about payment options as well.

Tips on Hiring an Experienced Lawyer with Appeals Cases

The more experienced a lawyer is in legal practice, the more likely he/she will be able to bring about a successful resolution to your issue. Since experience matters, lawyers who’ve been practicing law for many years (with a successful track record) tend to be in high demand. You should look for information about a lawyer’s experience and ask questions during the initial meeting. It’s a very good idea to ask the lawyer how many years he/she has been practicing law and the expected outcome of your case.

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